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Should I give money to a rough sleeper?

The decision of whether to give money to anybody is a decision that only you can make and WHP would never do anything to influence that decision. If you are forced or coerced into giving money you should report this to the police. People who wish to help the homeless can help by giving to local charities or buying the Big Issue from legitimate sellers.

Is everybody who is sitting on the street in Windsor, homeless?

The homeless charity Crisis estimates that over 80 per cent of beggars are homeless. All people who beg are among the most vulnerable in society, often trapped in addiction, poverty and deprivation, and it is regarded as a risky and demeaning activity. Some now have their own properties but having a roof over your head does not indicate long-term success. It is just the start of a very long, difficult process of bettering one’s life.

How does somebody become homeless?

There are a many reasons why somebody may become homeless and each individual has a different journey. Often a significant trauma is the trigger leading to a gradual descent in circumstances including, but not limited to, financial, relationship breakdown, loss, grief or addiction. Without the work of charities like WHP there is usually no way back into mainstream life.

What do the homeless do when the weather is very bad?

S.W.E.P (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) is a Council arrangement that comes into play when the forecast predicts three or more nights of zero degrees or below. When S.W.E.P is activated, anybody without a place to sleep can approach the council and be placed into temporary accommodation until the weather rises above zero degrees, regardless of local connection. The local council has recently agreed to activate S.W.E.P. between November and March each year regardless of temperature.

I have things I want to donate to you. How do I go about this?

In all instances, we encourage you to first visit the donation pages on social media to see what is needed: click here. So that the team can distribute physical items efficiently to where they are needed most WHP kindly asks that you only provide items required on these lists. As well as being limited by manpower WHP is restricted by storage capacity and methods of delivery.

How do I volunteer?

WHP is always grateful for your support and always looks at new ways to get people involved, vacancies will be posted on our website and social media pages. If you have any ideas or you would like to know how else you may be able to help, please feel free to email on

How can I donate money to the Windsor Homeless Project?

Just click on the "DONATE" blue button at the top of your screen (top-right-hand corner for large devices) and simply chose whichever way you are more comfortable with; be it for Paypal, MyDonate, Bank Transfer, or if you prefer, simply by sending us a cheque to the indicated address you will find by clicking.
On behalf of everyone at the Windsor Homeless Project, thank you.