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WCA Homeless Project
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The Lost Teenager

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I was born in Windsor and went to Windsor Boys’ School. I messed around at school and was always in trouble.
When I was a teenager I started doing weed, and then progressed to other drugs from there as I got older. My mum is an alcoholic and I didn’t get much attention as I was growing up, so I went off the rails and got in with the wrong crowd. My sister is an alcoholic too. I did go to college to do bricklaying, because my mum said I needed to learn a trade. So I was never short of work opportunities.
When I was twenty, my mum got a new partner who didn’t like me, and threw me out of the house. As I had nowhere to live, I couldn’t work. Someone told me about the Project, and I went along. I filled in a form about what I needed support with, and they helped me apply for housing.

I have now been offered a flat in Dedworth, and I am seeing someone from the council (the Resilience worker) about my drug addiction. They have put me on a methadone script to help me get off heroin. With the support of the people at the Project, I think I can start to rebuild my life now.

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